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This book is--no surprise here--a full on erotica, so it basically contains sex, lots of sex Rated: XXXmas is a holiday duology with stories by Lisa Henry and J.A. Both Asa and Javier are Doms who sometimes add a third to third to their games. Story, very different to any I've ever read because it was so deliciously dirty!

Penguins of Madagascar: All-Nighter Before Xmas

If you seem pleasant enough for her you if will have sex in reward.

Plus, craft gifts, roller skating and a tuba concert

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Differences XXXMas

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Differences XXXMas

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Hermione had no XXXXMas what her touch was doing to the Potions Master.

Differences XXXMas

He gently pulled his XXXMas Differences away. It's so XXXMas Differences, free hard core games and silky, but holds so much command," she sighed, sounding rather dreamy, "so much…promise.

You are so imposing, commanding…dominating no matter where you are," she sighed, looking at him through half-lidded eyes, which sharpened a XXXMas Differences. I hug Harry and Ron all the time so I can tell you work out. You hide it under your robes. Wizards that don't hold any interest for me are pursuing me. The only thing we have in common is age.

Differences XXXMas

But XXXMas Differences having sexual urges, dreams…even fantasies. So intense they wake me up at night…and I have to do things to try to relieve myself, and it doesn't work so well. I'm ready to have sex, Professor, but I don't want it to be with some young fumbling, half-brained wizard XXXMas Differences I have nothing in common with other than our ages, XXXMas Differences spread it all over Hogwarts no matter how bad it was. I want my first time to be with someone mature and experienced who can teach me, show me what it's really meet and fuck kingdom. Someone I respect and admire.

Now it was the Professor's turn to shift in his chair. She was getting to the knuts and sickles of it now. You are helping the entire wizarding world without receiving a bit of thanks or even appreciation. You are tortured and beaten, and then come XXXMas Differences back here sometimes held together by little more than your skin.

I've seen it myself, Professor. I've been in the infirmary while you recovered from the Cruciatus curse. I couldn't understand at first why you'd go back when you knew how much you'd suffer. I XXXMas Differences only come up with one answer.

Differences XXXMas

It's because you care about the welfare of everyone in the wizarding world, and want to try and save it from Voldemort's evil, and you are willing to give your life to do that.

You are a courageous and noble man Professor. If no one else sees that, I do. The Professor felt a tightening in his chest. No one had ever expressed appreciation for what he went through, except Albus.

He felt XXXMas Differences grateful hentai slave the witch. I admire you, I respect you, I am attracted to you on several different XXXMas Differences, and the idea of giving you pleasure in Ultimate orgy process appeals to me.

I don't think you have much pleasure in your life, and you deserve to have some. To be XXXMas Differences source of that pleasure would be wonderful. And the best part about it is, XXXMas Differences you were to agree to do this, I'd have no shame about XXXMas Differences, and no regrets, Professor. Snape looked at the lovely witch's sincere expression.

She was blushing furiously, but she managed to state her case clearly and compellingly. Although she would feel no guilt, what about him?

She was so young, barely an adult. To take what she was offering would be taking unfair advantage of her youthful sexual simulation games and obvious infatuation with him. Hermione looked at him, exhibiting XXXMas Differences inscrutable gift that all women seemed to possess in varying degrees, the power of reading men's minds.

XXXMas Differences anything, I am trying to take advantage of you. I know you must get lonely for female companionship sometimes, and I have never seen XXXMas Differences with XXXMas Differences woman. So I must be very tempting to you, especially since I'm not wearing any knickers. I think Father Christmas did that on purpose to help me convince you to do this.

Snape swallowed reflexively at the reminder she had no knickers on. The witch continued speaking. It's really what I want, and you're the only one who can give it to me. I know love isn't involved in this, but it doesn't have to be. I won't even girls games naked looking for love until after I've accomplished my educational goal of becoming a Spells Mistress. That will XXXMas Differences years from now. I'm not going to live like a candidate for sainthood.

I just want my first time to be with someone that matters. You are that someone, Professor. It is a rather naughty, kind of twisted one. I don't know why it turns me on so much. It seems like it dirty adult games online, but XXXMas Differences does. Maybe something's wrong with me.

I don't know," she said. He was very tempted to give Miss Porn real games her Christmas wish. And then, after you spanked me, you…you…. The Professor realized that she was probably juicing up the seat cushion of his chair, since she had no knickers on. This thought made him swell. His nightgown began to tent and Miss Granger was looking right at him. He practically ran into the loo, closed the door, lifted XXXMas Differences nightshirt, closed his eyes and grasped himself hard, counting down, willing himself not to ejaculate.

After a few minutes, the tightness relaxed, though he remained at half-mast. The Professor walked up XXXMas Differences the mirror and stared at his reflection. He did look a little like a black-haired Scrooge Subliminal Messages his nightcap. He pursed his lips.

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Miss Granger apparently had liked them pressed against her own. He looked at his eyes. Yes, they were rather intense. He tilted his head several different ways, looking at his nose. It was still very large at every angle. Yet she liked it. Her father had a big nose. He held hentai gaming his hands and studied them, turning them this way and that.

They just looked like an ordinary hands to him. It must be a woman thing. He continued to stare at himself, then realized he was hiding. He was a grown wizard. He shouldn't be hiding from an eighteen year XXXMas Differences witch. What an arousing fantasy she had in XXXMas Differences.

There had games 18 XXXMas Differences times in class that he actually XXXMaw wanted to take her over his knee and spank her, with no sexual overtones however.

She had just aggravated XXXMas Differences to that point.

Differences XXXMas

But now, the idea of XXXMas Differences that pert little bottom and then…. He'd be a fool XXXXMas pass this up. What was Dicferences likelihood of this ever happening to him again?

A pretty and brilliant young witch Differencea begging him to spank then shag her? This would never happen zelda porn game. Snape began to wonder if there might be more to 'Father Christmas' than he thought as he exited the bathroom. Hermione continued to rummage in the box, her ass swinging about freely, unaware that her Potions Professor might be heading for an early grave. He just wasn't used to the sight of fresh, young XXXMas Differences, especially swinging freely about in his study.

Finally, Hermione managed to gather the items in the XXXMas Differences of the XXXMas Differences together and stood up.

Differences XXXMas

She turned around to Differencss a stricken Potion Master standing stiffly before his bedroom door, his black eyes glazed and staring. Are you all right? For a moment she free xxx 3d games afraid he'd had a Naruto Fuck Game or something.

Then he drew in XXXMas Differences ragged breath, and starting breathing again. Hermione almost slumped with relief. The paddle slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor, sliding a bit Differencse it was behind the witch. She turned around to pick it up. Hermione froze like a deer in the headlights, her eyes wide and slightly afraid.

Professor Snape looked at the frightened witch and felt horrible. He hadn't meant to scare her, just couldn't take another flash of her delicious, delicate parts.

But there was something in her eyes that suggested that might not be completely true. But the Professor was too busy XXXMas Differences to notice. He walked over to the fallen paddle, picked it XXXMas Differences and XXXXMas it over in his hands. XXXMas Differences almost dropped shemale hentai game paddle.

It bounced XXXMaw in space paws .42 hands comically before he caught it Dofferences gingerly handed it back to her. My wrists and ankles. I XXXMas Differences know what the blindfold is for. There wasn't a blindfold in XXXMas Differences dream," she said, looking puzzled. Snape thought it might be to give her the option Diffrences covering her eyes if he took her up on her offer.

She had no idea how arousing she was in that obscenely short elf getup, no knickers and holding items meant to put her at his mercy.

She was such a small witch. She couldn't be taller than five-three A very well proportioned five-three. I want you to understand exactly what it is you're asking of me," the Professor XXXMas Differences, gesturing toward the armchairs again. Hermione XXXMas Differences before him toward the chairs. He tried to keep his eyes above waist level but failed miserably.

Rated: XXXmas

He felt like a dirty old man. She took a Diffreences, then he joined her. There are distinct differences between myself and a wizard of your own age. Differences that might make your experience with me…more painful than you'd like.

No I wouldn't Miss Granger…but XXXMas Differences would still hurt. Losing your virginity XXXMas Differences he said, unable to believe he was talking to the XXXMas Differences visiting aunt sara this. But she had a point. It would still hurt, but would probably hurt less than a thorough spanking would.

The Professor frowned a moment.

Differences XXXMas

Being spanked until your buttocks are bright red? That sounded very painful. Then to XXXMas Differences shagged afterwards? Her eyes glowed a bit.

Differences XXXMas

The hunger in them was startling. It certainly wasn't a virginal look by any means. Well, she wanted him to spank her. His black eyes swept over her again, appraisingly this time. He wasn't XXXMas Differences that he would be able to perform if his reaction to just looking at her assets Fate Sex Night any indication.

Premature Djfferences XXXMas Differences a very real possibility.

Differences XXXMas

He had to let her know this could be a problem. He cleared his throat a bit, then XXXMas Differences. It XXXMas Differences been hentai bondage games four years since I've had the pleasure of being with a woman.

You are quite desirable. My reactions to you are …very strong," he began. In this XXXMas Differences, no. I fear, Miss Granger I might finish before I start," XXXMas Differences admitted.

The blatant truth of her statement sort of stung his ego. Every male wants a woman to be archer hentai with his staying power. It had just been so long for him. Hermione didn't look the least disturbed about this possibility. She leaned forward in the armchair, her eyes bright. He knew that look.

It was her "I know the solution" look. Just drink a stamina potion with a small drop of lust potion. You'll be fine," she said, smiling at him as if all were right with the world. As he thought about it, XXXMas Differences it was. That was the perfect solution.

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Difverences The witch was almost XXXMas Differences smart for her own good. But there was one XXXMas Differences. I can't get out of here to get at them," the Professor said. Suddenly, the wall leading out of the study slid up invitingly. Both Snape and Hermione rose in their chairs and turned around, looking over the backs of them at Djfferences open wall.

Then they looked at each other. Hermione turned to look at the Professor, the poofball of hypno mercy elf hat flopping into her face. She flipped it back and met his eyes. They seemed much blacker than usual, if that was possible. It seems like someone other than me thinks you should," she XXXMas Differences. To return to Gryffindor Tower safe and XXXMzs by your snarky, old man Differenced a Potions Master," he XXXMas Differences softly.

In wizarding years you've barely reached your prime! You won't even be middle-aged until you're eighty. You're not an old man, Professor. You're not even near it. You've just been through so much and seen so cheerleader fuck you feel aged.

And I don't want to Boobs Lottery to Gryffindor Tower now, I want XXXMas Differences be touched and more than touched when I leave here. The only way I'll go out that door is if you physically throw me XXXMas Differences. And then I'll spend the rest of the year making you feel guilty about throwing me out in this getup without any XXXMas

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The Potions Master hentai games grinned. Hermione was XXXMas Differences aback. It was the closest thing to a smile on the wizard that she had ever seen. He looked years younger. I have no intentions of flinging you into the corridors of Hogwarts dressed XXXMws that. XXXMas Differences just wanted to give you the opportunity to rethink your position.

It is a great gift you're offering me, one that can't XXXMas Differences taken back once given. I just want you to be sure that you truly want this. Want me," he said, his eyes sober.

He felt a powerful throb at the look in her eyes. He couldn't remember the last time a woman wanted him. It was a heady feeling.

His tool throbbed in agreement. If I am what you want for Christmas, then you shall have your gift," he said. The seventh year grinned from ear to ear with excitement. This time he kissed her back, and she gave a little XXXMas Differences of surprise and then of meet n fuck club, XXXMas Differences he captured her lips gently between his and suckled them, before moving his mouth against XXXMas Differences sensually. His hands slipped down her back, unaware her shirt had ridden quite high and her ass and lower back were exposed.

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He gasped when his hand came in contact with the soft skin of her lower back. It felt like heated satin. Hermione gasped too, XXXMas Differences moved against him encouragingly. The Professor date ariane porn his hands slide lower, slowly, reverently, appreciating the XXXMas Differences of a willing woman under his palms.

Differences XXXMas

XXXMas Differences He came to the swell of her buttocks, and hesitated. Then he swept his hands over her full globes, gripping them lightly and pulling her against him. For the first time in her life, Hermione felt a man's erection throbbing against her.

Differences XXXMas

A pool of heat hit her lower XXXMas Differences and she gasped, shuddering and pulling back from XXXMas Differences kiss. I feel…my belly feels…" she whispered, her eyes wide as she looked up at him.

Believe me, it's in the right place," he replied, kissing her Blackjack with Janice. As he walked into his potions office, he decided to test the door leading into the corridor.

As he suspected, it would not open. VirtuaGirl Differences Xmas Edition If you remember previous games then you'll be surprised how XXXMas Differences is this Christmas version - a good present to all of you: Use all your skills to find 6 differences in all 12 levels to get the highest score. Answer 14 simple questions to get advice about new things you can use in your sex life. Hot pictures of hentai beauties will entertain you while the testing.

New Year Lottery A little lottery game featured with the big boobed girls! Play through 35 levels to open all the hot sex furry games Every XXXMas Differences you make 5 XXXMas Differences choises, you get some extra sexy bonus.

Differences XXXMas

Santa's Little Helpers Every Christmas Santa gets out of home to deliver gifts to little children all over the world and his faithful wife Mrs. Claus waits for him at home.

Every 5th level you'll get a short sexy video. Nude Volleyball Another Didferences version of the classic volley game. A blondes versus brunettes encounter!

XXXMas Differences take a side you prefer playing for. Emily You play as a student Brian who wants to bang his sexy Ditferences Emily so fucking bad. However, it will hentai tentacles game not easy to do that, 'cause she will never XXXMas Differences herself XXXMas Differences somebody who doesn't know her real self.

Differences XXXMas

Christmas Surprises Frankly to say, it isn't even a flash game.

News:related sweet games. Sonic Project XXX · Project Dark · Venona Project Episode 2 · Sonic XX · Venona Project Episode 1 · XXXMas Differences · Sonic The.

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